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About Us

About Us

Qualimech Engineers Private Limited

Established in 1993, Qualimech Engineers Private Limited (QEPL) is a Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of quality Guide Rollers and Spares for Wire Rod and Bar mills.

QEPL unique strength is derived from years of experience in manufacture of Quality Guide Rollers and other spares for steel mills. Trained and experienced Engineers ensures highest quality standards for all QEPL products.

QEPL is equipped with latest technology supported by Design automation. Close interface with customers ensures appreciation of customer's needs and future aspirations.

The Guide Rollers are specially designed to meet the most extreme conditions and rigorous encounters in the steel mills.

The special alloy steel material used for manufacture of Rollers is through-hardened and designed for maximum life of rollers. The rollers maintain uniformly high hardness throughout the metal, hence no deterioration in wear resisting property after repeated dressing. Due to long life of rollers , the down time of the mill is reduced. This improves product finish and minimize the frequency of cobbles. QualiMech Engineers Private Limited has in built Quality Systems to ensure product Quality. The guide rollers are machined accurately to shape and profile to suit customer and rolling requirements.


Engineering excellence for a sustainable future.

Delivering innovative solutions with integrity and quality.

Integrity, Innovation, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Safety, Sustainability.

How to We Provide
Our Services

Manufacturing Excellence

Crafting Guide Rollers and BDM Rollers with precision.

Tailored Designs

Customizing Roller Entry Guides and Entry Guides to exact client needs.

Quality Guarantee

Ensuring durability and top-tier quality in all components.

Prompt Delivery

Meeting deadlines reliably with efficient production.